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EarLens Hearing Aid at Texas ENT and Audiology

Earlens hearing aidAt Texas ENT Center our industry-leading Otolaryngologists and Audiologists are proud to offer the EarLens Hearing Aid. Together with EarLens Corp., we form a highly-trained care team, and an approach that ensures you get the best treatment possible.

Traditional Hearing Aids use a small speaker to amplify sounds. The Earlens Hearing Aid uses light and a small lens placed on your eardrum to directly activate your natural hearing system. This direct contact delivers the broadest frequency on the market, resulting in crisp highs and full lows. The result is rich, complete sound that the vast majority of people find makes it easier to understand people in noisy environments.

The EarLens Hearing Aid Processor and Light Tip convert sound to light, eliminating the major source of whistling that troubles conventional hearing aids. The Processor’s rechargeable battery lasts an average of 24 hours, meaning no more cumbersome battery changes.

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Dr. Kehrwald and Dr. Horan have extensive experience fitting and programming today’s latest hearing aid technology. They each have extensive knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.

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