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Texas ENT Center was selected as BEST ENT for Living Magazine's Reader's Choice 2021.

Best ENT Center 2019

Thank you to our patients and readers of Living Magazine for voting Texas ENT Center best of Keller for the fourth consecutive year. We are humbled and honored by your support.

May is National Better Hearing Month

May is National Better Hearing MonthMany Americans recognize their extent of hearing loss during COVID-19 as hearing loss hits record numbers

Texas ENT Center and the American Academy of Audiology announce that May is National Better Hearing Month.

Mask wearing has forced many of the 37.5 million Americans with hearing loss to face their hearing loss. Often people will compensate by reading lips and may not realize, or acknowledge, the hearing loss. During COVID-19, the number of Americans seeking audiologists has increased.

May is National Better Hearing Month

Hear for heros

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Dear valued patients of Texas ENT Center - COVID-19 Office Update:

We are currently open to care for our patients, but we will be limiting our non-emergent appointment availability. Due to the Tarrant County shelter at home order we have found it necessary to make modifications to our service model and hours of operation.

*Effective March 30, 2020 until further notice our office hours are Monday 9:00 am. to 4:30 pm. and Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am. to 1:00 pm.

Our focus has been and will continue to be providing excellent healthcare. In order to better serve our community, limit everyone’s potsential exposure and conserve important medical resources during the COVID-19 challenge we ask the following:


Back to School and Allergies

In the late summer of each year millions of students return to college, where the usual challenges of class work and crusty professors are expected, as are camaraderie with peers and the excitement of fall football season.  Parents should be aware that allergy problems can flare as the students leave their homes and enter an environment that tends to have far more allergens than the home environment.

Back to School and Allergies

Texas ENT Center was selected as BEST ENT for Living Magazine's Reader's Choice 2019.

Best ENT Center 2019

Thank you to our patients and readers of Living Magazine for voting Texas ENT Center best of Keller for the fourth consecutive year. We are humbled and honored by your support.

Texas ENT Center Living Magazine Readers Choice Award 2018

A HUGE Thank You! to everyone that came out and donated toys

Texas ENT Center’s would like express their gratitude for making a difference in many children’s lives this holiday season.

Toys for Tots at Texas ENT Center

October is National Protect your Hearing Month

Please help us spread the word: Noise induced hearing loss is permanent

With cooler weather approaching there will be more activities to engage in like the Alliance Airshow, spooky haunted houses, and concert venues. While this can be a fun family outing, It is important to remember to take precautions to protect your hearing as well as your children's hearing.

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Great Practice News!

Texas ENT Center has been honored to be chosen as Keller's top AUDIOLOGIST, ALLERGIST, and ENT.

The 2017 Best Of Keller Readers’ Choice Winners

How to manage your child’s environmental allergies Part 2

Now that we know the top reasons your child suffers with allergies, what do you do about it? Is there anything that helps alleviate the symptoms of allergies, or even better, gets rid of the allergies altogether? There are three steps that most people take when they discover they or their children have allergies:

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Top 4 Reasons Your Child Suffers with Enviromental Allergies Part 1

It’s estimated that around 50 million Americans suffer with allergies. The typical symptoms of a child with allergies include frequent sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and itching; itchy eyes, itchy skin, runny nose, and/or congested nose. If these symptoms last longer than two weeks or if you notice the symptoms occurring seasonally, chances are high your child has allergies.

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Does Hearing Loss Cause Dementia?

February 3rd, 2017

Once an individual starts to display signs of hearing loss, it’s common that the person will wait 10-12 years before seeking medical attention for the hearing loss. But what if prolonging seeking medical attention increases the chance for getting Dementia?

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What’s the big deal with Q-tips?

January 13th, 2017

We’ve all heard the age-old warning to refrain from sticking Q-tips in our ears, but is it really that big of a deal? We get wax build up in our ears and naturally want to get it out. Why not use a perfectly shaped Q-tip to clean out that pesky wax?

First, let’s address the reason our bodies produce ear wax. Ear wax, more formally known as cerumen, is produced by a combination of glands in the ear canal called sebaceous and sweat glands. Every person produces ear wax at a different rate. Some people may produce a hard plug of wax and others may produce hardly any at all. The most well-known reason ear wax is produced in the ears is to prevent foreign bodies such as dust, hair, dead skin cells, and bugs (yes, even those creepy crawlers) from getting into the ear canal. When yawning or chewing, the trapped particles will make their way out of the ear canal. Other than keeping foreign objects out of the ear, ear wax is very acidic which lessens the chances of fungus growing in the ear. Ear wax is also considered a lubrication that prevents dryness and itching. So, ask yourself – why would you want to remove something that’s supposed to protect your body?

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BOTOX® DEBUNKED -6 Facts That Crush BOTOX® Myths

October 18, 2016

There’s this stigma that anyone who uses BOTOX® will be called fake and look like a permanently frozen Barbie Doll.

There are some myths that BOTOX® is not FDA approved, is only used on women, and permanently freezes a person’s muscles. We want to prove to you that BOTOX® is FDA approved, is used by women and men, and is safe.

Let’s assess the facts and allow you to make up your own assumptions.

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3 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric ENT Doctor

August 9th, 2016

Imagine this: Your child wakes up on the first day of school with a runny nose and extreme ear pain. Oh no, it's the first day of school and your child is sick! Your first instinct is to call his/her pediatrician, but as you’re on the phone scheduling the appointment, your child tells you he/she has been having some ear pain off and on for a few days. You start to think it’s probably best your child see a doctor that specializes in ears and works well with children. But who do you call?

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Congratulations Dr. White!Top ENT doctor of Keller, Texas

August 1st, 2016

Exciting news Dr. White has been chosen as the TOP ENT for the Keller area by the 2016 Best Of Keller Readers’ Choice.

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