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Top 4 Reasons Your Child Suffers with Environmental Allergies Part 1

It’s estimated that around 50 million Americans suffer with allergies. The typical symptoms of a child with allergies include frequent sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and itching; itchy eyes, itchy skin, runny nose, and/or congested nose. If these symptoms last longer than two weeks or if you notice the symptoms occurring seasonally, chances are high your child has allergies.

While most understand that allergies exist and a large portion of Americans have allergies, it’s important to understand what causes the allergies so you can properly manage the symptoms.

Enviromental Allergies and Treatment Fort Worth, Texas

1. Hereditary

When a parent has allergies, the child is 40% more likely to have allergies as well. However, this does not mean the child will possess the same allergies as the parent. It simply means that the child will inherit allergies in general; the type of allergens the child is allergic to can only be determined after an allergy test is conducted.

2. Secondhand Smoke

Because of the irritating nature of tobacco smoke, smoking (even secondhand smoking) intensifies allergy symptoms in children, including eye, nose and throat irritation as well as coughing and wheezing.

3. Schools

Did you know most schools are a thriving place for dust mites, mold, chalk dust, and animal dander? These are some of the top environmental allergens that cause children to be susceptible to reactions. (Maybe it is possible to be allergic to school!)

4. Pets

Maybe your child isn’t allergic to a specific animal, but something many people don’t realize is that pets are carriers. Pets go outside and return inside with pollen dander and any other environmental dander attached to their fur, which is then left floating around the house for allergic children to breathe.

So, how do you manage the symptoms of your child’s allergies when they’re exposed to the allergens every day at school? Is it possible for your allergic child and pet to coexist without your child being miserable?

There’s good news – it is possible for you to properly manage your child’s allergies! Check out our next blog post explaining how to manage the symptoms and different steps to take to improve your child’s quality of life despite having allergies - Click here to read the article on how to manage your childs environmental allergies

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